Looking For Condoms?

‚ÄčAIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is committed to providing medicine and advocacy regardless of ability to pay. At AHF, we provide resources to prevent STD transmission either through testing or providing free condoms. Regular testing and condom usage play an essential part in preventing the spread of HIV and STDs.‚Äč

2020 International Condom Day Burlesque Show Highlights

What is International Condom Day?

AHF created International Condom Day as an innovative way to remind people that wearing a condom can prevent pregnancy & STDs, including HIV. Celebrated every year on February 13th, this global day of recognition has taken off with major brands creating campaigns and artwork to celebrate the day.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation hosts events around the world to raise awareness every year. Last year, we gave out over one million free condoms and provided free STD testing and HIV screenings at ICD events around the world throughout February. Click below to find free condoms near you.