Don’t be “Phooled” by PhRMA


The 340B Drug Program’s intent is to help safety-net providers “stretch scarce federal resources” to provide more and better services to their clients. The 340B program is saving lives while pharma corporate interests are blaming it for high drug prices. Help save the 340B program from sneak attacks. Save the safety net. Protect and defend the 340B Drug Program.

Why is PhRMA fixated on gutting 340B?  Because the program works as designed, and it cuts into their profits. 

The 340B program allows eligible health care providers to purchase prescription drugs at discounted prices from pharmaceutical manufacturers.  As a condition for being able to sell drugs to the multi-billion dollar Medicaid program, drug makers agree to offer 340B discounts to a discrete group of eligible providers. It’s a fair deal. 340B also only accounts for 2.8 percent of the drug companies market share in the U.S., so the program is small and has minimal effect on drug companies’ bottom line. Even though the program is a small part of the overall prescription drug market, the pharmaceutical industry has nonetheless targeted the program. Today clinics and their patients thrive thanks to 340B — because they can afford to offer better means of treating and keeping patients in care.

340B is a bipartisan program that costs tax payers NOTHING. Help us protect this essential program. Call your Member of Congress and tell them to #Let340B!

Call Congress: (202) 224-3121